Growing and scaling a business can often be seen as complex, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about clarity, focus, discipline, and consistent action. We are not simply a run-of-the-mill strategic consultancy, we are growth accelerators and we pride ourselves on getting results.

We don’t walk away once the strategy is done, we stick around and help you execute with incredible precision. Our SUYB Services are delivered by world-class experts, proven specialists who have been there and done it! Our intention is to positively impact every stage of your value creation journey.

Amazing, transformational results are always preceded by unspectacular planning. You have to know where you’re going, why it matters, and how you’re going to get there. Once you have this in place it’s simply about discipline, consistency, and focused implementation, and you’ll soon have your business flying. We help you create simple plans that work, removing the fluff that’s not going to serve you in achieving your goals. And we stick around supporting you through the execution, as a trusted sounding board, a critical friend, and a strategic partner. Ultimately, it’s about getting your business from A to B as quickly and effortlessly as possible. It’s all about getting you the result.

Great businesses have brands that stand out. They mean a lot to someone, versus a little to everyone. More than a logo, colour palette, or slogan, a brand is what causes people to choose, and continue choosing, you! In today’s world of complexity and clutter, it isn’t enough to simply be known for what you do, you need to be unique and you need to be remarkable. Creating a world-class brand isn’t rocket science, but it does take focus. It’s about identifying your ideal customer, understanding their world, unearthing their problems to create valuable solutions, and serving them better than anyone else. It’s also about building a robust product ecosystem to balance the tangible things you deliver with an intentional customer experience. We have over 25 years of experience building award-winning brands – products and propositions that have transformed categories and created significant value.

Many businesses get confused by marketing and sales. They try and build complex strategies that rarely work. They fail to put in place the right levels of measurement to drive predictability and impact. They often think that all commercial problems can be solved by the next sales ‘rock star’ who walks through the door. They invest a lot of time and money upfront without truly understanding that great commercial success is really about one thing, “high-impact customer creation” – to successfully grow your business, you need a commercial plan that generates leads, engages prospects across various channels, and perfectly complements your brand and business goals. We offer a fully outsourced marketing and sales solution with experience across multiple sectors and geographies. Be it content creation, social media management, lead generation and sales prospecting, campaign management, website development and SEO, analytics and reporting, our award-winning team of experts have been there and done it and will deliver a precise programme for you that works.

Great businesses operate like well-oiled machines. Each department knows its aims, deliverables, and areas of accountability. There are transparent hand-offs between functions because processes are clearly designed, measured, and automated where appropriate. There is minimal ambiguity because everyone in the organisation knows who does what, what the outcome needs to be, and why it matters. Furthermore, there is a relentless focus on continuous iteration and improvement to drive efficiencies. Most businesses get the importance of process and automation, but very few know how to implement these value-drivers effectively. You need a step-by-step plan that makes things as simple as possible, transforming how you operate, and unleashing more digital capability. Our Process Improvement + Digital Transformation services help you go from chaos to clockwork, everything running with precision, so you can crush your business goals fast!

One of the key principles of scale-up is the ability to identify talent and to build teams, putting the right people in the right seats. Many businesses get this wrong, especially when transitioning from startup. They often hire expensive people from bigger companies hoping that past performance will equal future performance – this is often not the case. So what should you do? Focus first on the task and your desired outcome, and then evaluate whether a full-time role is actually needed. You see, sometimes it’s better to use fractional expertise, a “hired gun”, so to speak, before taking the risk on a permanent hire. We help you evaluate exactly what capability is needed and we assist in finding that talent. Our network of talent specialists across multiple industries and geographies is “best in class”, with proven experience to grow your business.

Whether acquiring a business as a strategic bolt-on to your core offering or choosing the best exit strategy for you and your business, knowledge is indeed power, and you must fully understand the options that are available to you. Our M&A support capability helps you clarify your objectives, plan your strategy, identity and approach suitable targets, decide on valuation and offer, oversee negotiations, and structure due diligence. Our exit planning programme helps you get well prepared in advance, maximise value prior to sale, and control the sale process and timing. Over the last decade, we have been involved in 22 transactions with a combed valuation of over $5.2bn dollars.

Everyone needs a coach! Hey, if the best sports teams and the best athletes rely on coaching to increase performance, why would that not be the same in business? But coaching isn’t simply a set of templates that can be pulled out of a drawer and applied to everyone. True performance improvement comes from a deep understanding of the person – their hopes, their fears, their goals, and their aspirations. And the business context – fast growth, scale, international expansion, preparing for exit, etc. Furthermore, coaching isn’t always 1:1. Business is a team game and effective leadership development needs to happen across multiple dimensions for a company to really climb. Sometimes we coach, sometimes we consult, sometimes we advise, sometimes we mentor. It’s not about the title, it’s about the impact. Whether you’re a C-suite leader, high-potential entrepreneur, mid-level or a new manager – utilising one of our performance coaches will help you to more effectively lead, manage and deliver on your business objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every outstanding business is defined by six success “Peaks” – attributes that enable them to thrive in even the most challenging economic climates. Before working with SUYB, we ask potential clients to complete the Six Peaks Scorecard to discover how strongly their business currently reflects these attributes:

PURPOSE: Before we begin our climb to the summit, it’s critical to ask, “which summit shall we reach, and why does it matter?“ Developing a clear vision is essential to relieve overwhelm and spark unprecedented growth.

PROFIT: Developing a strong cash runway does more than help you sleep at night – it gives your business the financial foundation to invest in growth and to create value rapidly. 

PROPOSITION: It’s not enough to simply compete anymore – your business can thrive by cultivating a unique product ecosystem in which your brand solves a measurable problem in an incomparable way.

PREDICTABILITY: Solid growth (and peace of mind) come from consistent revenues – and that means a predictable flow of the right customers for your business.
PROCESS: Successful businesses don’t just run on intuition and insight – they have data-driven processes and automation systems that operate flawlessly – without needing your constant attention. 

PEOPLE: Reaching the summit means having an intentional culture, delivered by the right team, absolutely focused on performance. High-calibre, high-capacity professionals whose behaviours and values support your vision. 
Click here to take the Six Peaks Scorecard.

Our ideal client for the GAP is an ambitious entrepreneur who has already built a good business. However, for whatever reason, that business has stalled. The goal is to spark growth again, transforming that good business into a great one, so the founder can create wealth, and live life more on their terms. In short, we’re here to free you from frustration, and return you to the path of success, creating a business so valuable that others want to buy it. This partnership is designed for those who don’t have the time and capacity to learn every aspect of business growth and scale up through education programmes. They want a more powerful, focused, and supported intervention from seasoned veterans whose track record speaks for itself, who will work closely with them to ensure business success.

Our ideal client for the MVP is a partner in a Venture Capital or Private Equity firm, who is looking for expert strategic and operational support with one or more of their portfolio companies. The Scale Up Your Business team have over a decade of experience leading investor-backed portfolio companies, from turnaround to growth, to eventual exit, creating significant value for shareholders. Our embedded process is one of partnership, where we don’t simply offer run-of-the-mill templated consultancy – we provide dedicated support with an absolute focus on impact and results. Over the last few years, we have have built, bought, and sold 22 businesses with a combined valuation of over $5bn.  

The Scale Up Your Business team have broad and deep competence in terms of our knowledge, skills, and experience in generating value and growth in businesses, both through practice and education. Throughout the last decade, we’ve built, bought and sold 22 businesses valued at over $5 billion in total, and assisted hundreds of other leaders in growing the value of their businesses. Throughout that process, we’ve tested and developed every aspect of how we grew these businesses to find the common threads – the “Peaks” that businesses today must embody in order to thrive even the the most challenging economic climates.

Our programmes are designed to take you through your own unique value creation journey – positioning your business as the ideal solution within the markets you choose to compete in – so that you can achieve consistent growth, predictable results, and reach even greater heights. We focus attention on the areas of the Six Peaks that will produce the biggest impact for you, to create not only personal wealth and freedom, but meaningful, positive change in the world. For some, this translates to better cash flow, systems, predictability, a powerful upturn in sales, and a clear and profitable exit plan. For others, it’s a shift from working ‘in’ the business to ‘on’ the business, less stress, greater clarity, confidence, and impact. For many of our clients, the ultimate goal is to create a path to a valuable exit. 

Some of the recent results of our clients include:

  • Taking a business from #3 in its defined market in terms of market share to #1 with 18 months
  • Helped an early stage cyber-tech business raise £1.2 million in pre-series A funding
  • Concluded a transaction for our client achieving 8 figures and a valuation 5X above expectation
  • Helped a founder buy a second business to bolt on to his core, increasing overall enterprise value
  • Supported a founder in removing himself from the day-to-day business by improving operational processes
  • Tripled the revenue of an online retail business within 6 months

The investment structure is partly monthly retained support, and partly incentivisation based on results. We know how important it is for you to build value in your business fast and to create maximum impact with the budget available, so we keep our programme investments simple. 

We believe it’s important to share in the success with our clients. As such, part of our model is to gain share on results. As your revenue and value grows with our dedicated help and support, we put money where our mouth is, celebrating joint success as a key part of our partnership. 

Ultimately, you should be looking to achieve a 5-10X return on any business growth intervention you are considering.