Zach Bitter On Achieving World Class Performance

Zach Bitter is an American ultramarathon runner who holds world records for the 100-mile run and the 12-hour run. As one of the planet’s greatest athletes, there are few who know better how to achieve excellence through hard work, discipline and determination.

In this episode Zach talks about his incredible athletic career, his subsequent coaching activities and the ways in which he is helping new generations of runners to go from beginner to advanced, regardless of experience or their starting point and lifestyle.


  • There are huge parallels between what can be achieved in business and what we achieve in other areas of life. Countless lessons can be carried over from the world of self-development, and into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Developing consistency and performing at a high volume is the key to building our resilience, allowing us to move gradually towards bigger and bigger targets and goals.
  • Optimisation is about being persistently diligent and performing constant analysis upon ourselves. By doing so we can incrementally tweak and adjust until we find our optimal setting.
  • It’s far better to focus on delivering quality when you put your message out into the world. By trying to be everywhere your message can sometimes become diluted, and you can misplace the reason why you began in the first place.


‘One conversation, heard at the right time, can change everything’

‘That consistency, and doing it at a high volume, is conducive to really developing that lower-end intensities’

‘You make slight tweaks and you make them individual to you, and that’s when you find your sweet spot’

‘I remember looking at my splits and thinking okay, if I maintain this pace then I’ll break the American record by six or seven minutes…’


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