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Your Offer Matters

Often the simplest things in business are the things that we neglect. This week, Nick takes you back to basics, to talk about an element of business that can make all the difference to success – whether at the outset of your journey or near the exit – your offer: how to create the perfect offer and how to fix an offering that may have run aground.


  • The simpler you can make something, the better. Often, we overcomplicate things in order to feel that we are somehow enriching it, when in reality simplicity always wins.
  • The offer includes the terms of the agreement. It must include the method of transacting with the person who goes along with you on your journey.
  • When you create an offer, consider that the value you are putting forward must exceed the price. If people are turning you down, then there must be an issue with the value exchange.
  • Around the core offer, think about supplementing with offers of bonuses or guarantees – the extra material that adds value, along with the certainty that what’s being bought has less risk.


‘Sometimes we like to add complexity to things because it makes us feel better’

‘Make people an offer so good that they would feel stupid to say no’

‘Never underestimate what it takes to pry some cash from someone’s hands’

‘You’ve got to be very clear that you’re offering something unique’


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