Words Equal Power

Life has changed drastically for many in the wake of the tumultuous world events since 2020, but we must remember that while we cannot control much of what has taken place, we can control the way we feel about things.

In this episode, Nick talks about the power of words themselves, and how by gaining mastery over the words we use, especially internally, we can positively impact our environment and the life we live.


  • We need to speak to ourselves in empowering ways, even in moments that may seem trivial at first. Positive reinforcement from within helps us to take more positive action.
  • We often filter our speech so as not to come across in certain ways to certain people, and yet we do not seem to naturally grant ourselves this privilege.
  • If you have big goals and big ambitions, then this can present a string of challenges. Therefore, we should endeavour not to bring extraneous external challenge to ourselves.
  • Examine the habits and routines that drive your behaviours. An effective practice is to keep a journal and be as honest as possible, taking out your inner thoughts and externalising them.


‘Words have more power than maybe you appreciate’

‘The things that you say and what you think, becomes real’

‘You’ve got to take control of the words and communication in your head’

‘Fear is something that is created’ 


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

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