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Why We Do Hard Things – With Mark Drager

Mark Drager once built a highly successful seven figure business but it became a trap he created for himself.Now a hugely successful brand strategist, fellow podcast host and founder of his own growth agency his ethos has transformed to promote and build others to their ultimate potential. In this episode he shares his fascinating journey. 

He has chosen to do the ultimate hard thing and has gone all in doing what he loves and is good at whilst believing that everything else will work itself out in the end

It’s moving from the version of life where you do things out of obligation, to a life where you put yourself first, chase down your passion and fight through the fears to be truly you.


  • It was a grind that became hell
  • I began to feel like I was someone who talked a lot but didn’t do anything
  • Having the impetus to start something and not even finish it is enough
  • Your ability to focus on the thing you want to create and your ability to manage your emotional state through the journey is key
  • Everyone is on a path and paths may cross for an amount of time but it’s not forever
  • You can be whatever you want to be but there are things that will be comfortable and some that will not
  • Do not do the things you have to do so you can one day do the things you want to do
  • The ultimate hard thing going all in with what you love, it requires you to put yourself first,
  • it requires that you are clear about what you want
  • People aren’t brave enough to try what may not work out but could lead to something exceptional
  • All your previous experiences lead you to the place you need to be
  • Going from whatever makes you money to what you love and want to do is the real transition
  • If you feel like you need to have an answer before you make a move understand that sometimes you need to move to find the answer


‘It’s taking a leap of faith when you don’t know what the outcome will be’

‘We worry that we are wasting time if we are doing something that is not connected to an outcome’

‘The Pandemic and everything shutting down was the first time I felt really free


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Mark Drager


My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and investor. My background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses.

Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day.

My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.


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