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Greg McKeown On Why Things Don’t Have To Be So Hard

Greg McKeown is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’, and an expert on why some people in teams succeed when others don’t.

Greg joins Nick in this episode to talk about his incredible book on essentialism and his new book, ‘Effortless’, why success must never come at the cost of our happiness and energy, and how best to achieve more by not burning out along the way.


  • Essentialism is the art of eliminating the non-essential elements of our lives, and then creating systems in order to do what matters most. It is about exploring, eliminating and executing that vision.
  • As high achievers, we have been conditioned to think that the pathway to success is paved with relentless work, and that if we wish to achieve anything, we have to overwork. But this is not the case.
  • In order to make higher and higher contributions, and to remain at the pinnacle of success, the key is to identify the ways in which our efforts reap the most rewards in a sustainable way.
  • To do lists are all well and good, but making lists can be far more productive and satisfying if we change the game. We should endeavour to create lists of tasks that, if we complete them, will guarantee satisfaction by day’s end.


‘Explore, eliminate, execute!’

‘A part of what success is, is to be able to continue to make a higher contribution over a very long period of time’

‘We shouldn’t say that success is completing our to-do lists. That’s a really impossible game’

‘Your ability as a leader to be able to listen through those layers and get to the core is an essential leadership attribute’ 


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