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Why Startups Fail – with Tom Eisenmann from Harvard Business School

Tom Eisenmann is a professor at Harvard Business School teaching entrepreneurship and is the author of ‘The Fail-Safe Startup’

He discusses his book and the stages a business goes through in its creation along with the potential challenges across the start-up period.

Bringing together the value proposition, the go-to-market plan, the technology and operations along with a cash flow formula are all elements that need to work together dynamically and Tom and Nick discuss all things startup and share great examples in this informative episode that is a must-listen for any entrepreneur. 


  • Finding ideas and validating the concept is the first stage for any business followed by bringing together all the resources required
  • An entrepreneur is someone who pursues an idea without all the resources initially
  • Resource mobilisation and exploring the opportunity go side by side
  • When you have a product-market then you can start to scale
  • Big company people in start-ups can interrupt the rhythm
  • Entrepreneurs can be so focused on getting ahead they skip the up-front market research.
  • Customer discovery before you engineer the product is a better approach
  • Your success with early adopters of your product may not be replicated with mainstream customers
  • Every entrepreneur needs early adopters but mainstream customers will require marketing spend.
  • If you are in an industry that requires expertise you need to make sure you or someone in your team has the expertise necessary.
  • Make sure you do the upfront research and be aware that the success with early adopters may not be indicative of a mainstream customer.
  • One of the hardest decisions as an entrepreneur is knowing when to shut down
  • If the odds of turning it around are increasingly small and you aren’t enjoying it then it’s time to shut down gracefully.
  • Having failed you can learn from the experience and move forward.


‘For some people, an idea will just pop into their minds for those there is a search’

‘In a start-up, you have to make things happen’

‘Entrepreneurs are often like Peter Pan and don’t want to grow up’


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The Fail-Safe Startup – Tom Eisenmann


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