Using Advertising To Ignite Your Commercial Performance – with Rohan Sheth, Co-Founder Of GrowRev

It’s the first big interview of 2021, and what better way to kick things off for the year than by talking about energising your marketing to grow your reach!

Nick talks to Rohan Sheth, the co-founder of GrowRev, and a man who’s handled over $100 million in ad-spend for thousands of companies, resulting in over $600 Million in returns! There’s no one better to tell you all you need to know about the power of advertising, and how to use it to ignite your commercial performance!


  • Ad-spend became a boom town of interest when the pandemic hit as marketers figured out the most effective ways to reach people who were far more connected online than usual. The effects of this connection are still being felt.
  • Opportunities to market more effectively are out there, and more importantly, the techniques that have been created and refined through the pandemic have allowed for a far more successful and targeted reach.
  • Many think that paid ads don’t work. They do work. You just need to make sure they’re finding the right consumer. You need to talk to the space between their ears instead of what you think they want.
  • When you offer something of great value up front, people feel far more inclined to lean into the relationship and give something back to you.


‘It’s the stuff that causes you pain that drives you to make the decisions’

‘As soon as people got used to being at home, the spends went berserk…’

‘The big thing is what do you have and what do you want to promote?’

‘If you’re not understanding the concept we’re talking about tonight, then you need to listen!’


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