Todd Herman On Mastering Your Identity To Transform Performance

Todd Herman has been entrenched in the world of elite performers working with the highest achievers in sports & business for over two decades.

In this episode, Todd talks to Nick about the value of attaining a flow state and what it can help us to achieve, the importance of identity, and how by gaining mastery over it, we can accelerate growth, 10x our self-development, and achieve stunning performance in every area of life and business.


  • Sports participants and athletes understand the value of flow, and how by tapping into an almost subconscious level of engagement, we can achieve incredible results.
  • Nature is the ultimate meta-frame on judging whether something is true or not. The world around us abides by a set of chaotic natural laws that keep us all thriving.
  • Flow creates growth, and drives momentum. This leads to enjoyment, which should be one of the most important metrics we use to determine success in business.
  • Identity should be used as a device and mechanism to help us see and explore what else we are made of and what we can achieve.


‘When you’re playing in a flow state – in that zone – all of your capabilities get to come out of you’

‘One of the pitfalls of ambitious, top-achieving people is the expectation of some sort of outcome’

‘Flow can be applied to a human. It can be applied to a team. It can be aligned to a business’

‘If you don’t have an attitude of playfulness, that means you’re taking yourself way too seriously’


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

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