The Playbook to Fast Business Growth with David B Horne

David B Horne, founder of the Add then Multiply consultancy who work with business founders who want to grow fast and author of the award-winning book by the same name talks with Nick about how small business can think like big businesses

They discuss some of the many ways deals can be structured and what David looks for in the businesses he works with, creating impact beyond growth and the creation of wealth

David also discusses the mission of Funding Focus who work to level the playing field for female and under-represented entrepreneurs when raising capital.


  • The share for share structure means an exchange of shares with potentially a small capital payment
  • Agglomeration is creating an entity to be floated on the stock exchange. You are putting your business into the group for the expected payday
  • When it’s a private company you can control who you offer your shares to, when it’s a listed vehicle anyone can become a shareholder
  • When a company is listed on a public exchange there is never any dispute over the value of the company
  • When a company is well managed and growing you have virtually limitless pools of capital you can access
  • I like to go deep inside the business and deep inside the head of the business owner to understand their motivation, what they want to do and why
  • I want to understand what people are going to do with the money
  • I like to work with people who have an idea about what they want to do when they have grown and made their money
  • I like to see people who are aligned with the UN global goals and know that if I’m helping people to earn tons of money they will do something useful with it
  • I prefer to work growing businesses rather than restructuring. It’s about the steps along the road, understanding the flow and integration steps to grow
  • Its big company thinking for smaller companies who may  think it’s not accessible to them or realistic  and is an underleveraged opportunity
  • The level at which you can scale a business is about the mindset and understanding of the founder


‘It’s fascinating the number of ways you can structure deals’

‘There aren’t enough smaller businesses thinking about this’

‘It’s about impact as well as wealth creation’


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Add then Multiply by David B Horne

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