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The Art Of Making Things Happen – with Steve Sims

This week sees Nick in conversation with the incredible Steve Sims, a man who’s worked with the likes of Elon Musk, Andrea Bocelli and Elton John in turning dreams into a reality. Known as the “real life Wizard Of Oz”, Steve is a man who can turn the impossible into the possible.

In this quite unique show, Steve talks about the art of relationships, and how by cultivating them effectively, you too can “make anything happen”.


  • Nothing is ever impossible. The greatest challenges come through being told that an aim is unachievable. The more extreme the task, the greater the sense of fulfilment. 
  • Our ability to convince someone else to do something amazing is increased exponentially if we convince them that we believe in it.
  • When we want something, we often ask for it using questions that can easily be shut down. Ask investigative, open questions that can influence the answer, and you’ll see far greater success.
  • Before focusing time and resources on technological solutions, identify the solution itself, and then present yourself as the solution to the clients who need it. This is the path to a scalable model.
  • Asking “why” can unlock a whole new pathway towards opportunities. Often the answer can throw up a different way of thinking, and whole new set of motivations and insights.


 ‘My superpower is ignorance. I’ve never understood that anything isn’t possible’

’People know when I walk into the room what I’m after!’

’They always laugh at you before they applaud’

‘I want people to have a great “I can” than an “IQ”‘


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