Stuck In The Middle

Becoming stuck in one place can be a disheartening experience, especially when it comes to our business journey. Nick talks you through several ways in which you can achieve the mindset required in order to get the gears moving once more, allowing you to push past a feeling of stasis.


  • When we are stuck at any point, the reality is that there are always possible ways to get things moving again.
  • Solutions to problems are always out there to be found. These come in the form of knowledge, motivation, and even people who can ignite movement once more.
  • When we live in the no-mans-land of mediocrity, we gradually lose the impetus to drive real change. We become used to the comfort of normality.


‘I hate the concept of being stuck. It feels disempowering’

‘In business there is always a solution out there’

‘You could call this the zone of mediocrity’

‘In that point of pain I started this podcast. That changed everything’ 


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

His background is growing and scaling Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses, across the UK, the US, and further afield.

Over the last decade, he has completed 117 acquisitions and 25 business exits with a combined valuation of over $5bn dollars.

His “Scale Up Your Business” podcast, which ranked #1 on iTunes’ business charts, has more than 350k downloads in over 130 countries.

His mission is to help business founders build valuable businesses and create life-changing exits so they can realise freedom, wealth, and impact.


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Scale Up Your Business, coaching/consulting: https://suyb.global

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