Saul Blinkoff On Never Giving Up On Your Dreams

Saul Blinkoff began his career as an animator for the Walt Disney Studios working on the hit films Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, & Tarzan. Saul now speaks around the world sharing practical tools for success, meaning and fulfilment in all aspects of life and hosts the inspirational podcast; Life of AWESOME!

Saul joins Nick to talk about his incredible career story, and how he learned to push past rejection and setbacks in pursuit of his dreams. It’s a powerful tale that will inspire you to always hold fast to the visions of life we desire.


  • In life, we allow other people to change the trajectories of what out goals are, when in reality, we should always be at the helm of the decisions that steer our life path.
  • When we don’t do things well, it creates anxiety around these tasks because it reminds us of our weaknesses.
  • Sometimes the difference between a dream slipping through our fingers, and coming true, can be infinitesimal. Your dreams are closer than you think, you just need to push a little bit more.
  • Exceeding and subverting the expectations of others can lead to life-changing results. Always go further than you have to.


‘It’s uncomfortable for us to do things we don’t do well’

‘We have to make it real. If you feel it, they’ll feel it’

‘I vowed to never give up again’

‘Live a life of sincerity’


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