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Pitching & Dealmaking Masterclass With Oren Klaff

‘Conversion is now about certainty, values and leverage’

Oren Klaff is considered royalty when it comes to pitching, persuading, influencing and deal-making and in this episode the award-winning author of ‘Pitch Anything’ which has sales of over 1 million talks with Nick about his winning systems and processes.

They explore his new book ‘Flip the Scripts’ and discuss how it will change the way you think about persuasion. Everyone trusts their own ideas and Oren explains why understanding this is key to sealing the deal and working with the people you want.

This is a masterclass in the art of successful persuasion, listen in now


Pitch Anything  

  • ‘Pitch Anything’ changed the way people thought about the sales process.
  • Sales pitches in the last twenty years have been about overcoming objections with discounting used as the tool to persuade.
  • Companies use technology to generate thousands of leads but any technology we use is not able to convert.
  • We have lost the art of human interaction; talking to a buyer and having them want what you have without them seeing the sales process.

Flip the script

  • ‘Flip the Script’ is about having the buyer enjoy the interaction and come to the decision they want to work with the seller who is a high-status individual in the industry.
  • People buy from you when they understand your value and your value relative to the other options out there.
  • They trust you and they have certainty.
  • The sale is about elevating your status and the client understanding you are an expert in their area.
  • Showing someone, you are an expert creates certainty and shared values provides leverage.
  • Conversion is now about certainty, values and leverage. If you have leverage buyers will have to make a decision.
  • Establishing values early on in an interaction creates leverage

Inception – it becomes the other person’s idea

  • Today a salesperson must create transparency, enabling the discovery process where the client comes to the idea – you are an expert and they know how and why they should buy from you.
  • Inception in many ways is about converting the client from undertaking due diligence to confirmatory diligence.
  • Modern inception is about you wanting to work with the client and the client wanting to work with you.
  • Do we like working together?
  • Do we work together well?
  • Can we produce something of value to others?


‘When you speak with the right tone and  level of seriousness everyone will stop and listen to you thinking; this is fucking awesome, finally, I’m in the hands of a professional, someone who knows what they are talking about’

‘People who are wishy-washy and non-committal are not for me’

‘You can be super aggressive on your values because it gives you leverage’

‘Most people assume that talking is free’


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