Phillip Stutts On The Secret Formula To Transform Your Marketing

With the onset of the new year, everyone is pouring fuel into their business intentions for 2022, especially when it comes to marketing. In this episode, Nick talks to Phillip Stutts, the best-selling author of ‘The Undefeated Marketing System’, and a man who has used his considerable talents and skills in marketing to aid in over 1400 election victories and 3 presidential victories.

Phillip joins Nick to talk about the art of marketing, and how you can truly influence minds and decisions in order to not just reach your target audience, but to convince them of your message.


  • We excel when we aim high. There is no sense in playing it safe in order to score mediocrity. If we push ourselves then we try harder, fly higher, and achieve more.
  • Many people who do extraordinary things are fundamentally flawed in other areas. Nothing pushes us harder to succeed than feeling as though we might fail entirely.
  • Relying on one single channel when it comes to sales and marketing is never wise, especially if we do not own the data or the system. Competitors can always use processes to keep us down or affect sales. Look for ways of centralising your output and owning the data.
  • We lack empathy in our society. People across the world seem currently obsessed with telling their own stories. Empathetic marketing begins with looking at data and coming to understand what matters to the world around us instead of ourselves


‘What I loved about it is the game – the marketing game behind how politicians get elected’

‘A lot of people who do extraordinary things are flawed characters’

‘The marketing world is rigged for almost every single business out there’

‘My mission in life is to wake up business owners’


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