Naveen Jain On The Magic Of Thinking Bigger

An intensely curious entrepreneur and philanthropist, Naveen Jain focuses on ideas that push humanity forward. Driven to solve the world’s biggest problems and propelled by his imagination, Naveen pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. With an audacious vision, he knows no limits. His moonshot vision breaks through barriers; his magnetic personality inspires the impossible.

Naveen joins Nick to talk about the power of not just setting hard-to-reach goals, but goals that some would consider unattainable, how applying 10x to your thinking can supply you with incredible results, and the true measure of success.


  • When it comes to the goals we set, always aim higher than you need to. By aiming even higher, we achieve even more. The results will astound you.
  • The true measure of success is not how much money we make, or the figures we accrue. It is in the shape of the world after we have left our legacy. Success comes from changing lives for the better.
  • We all have within us a core belief that we are willing to go that extra distance for. Purpose comes from identifying that belief and working hard to make it happen.
  • The secret to building a multi-billion dollar company is in finding a solution that positively impacts the lives of people around the world. If people want your solution then they will come to you.


‘Education has the power to change the world’

‘Dream so big that people think you’re crazy’

‘Find yourself something that you are willing to die for and then live for it’

‘The day you become humble, is the day you become successful’


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