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Million Dollar Joint Ventures & Partnerships with Sohail Khan


Joint venture world expert Sohail Khan talks with Nick about how joint venture and strategic partnerships can bring individuals together to create collaborations that can scale in a phenomenally short amount of time.

This is an amazing opportunity to hear about  joint ventures and how you can compound and get incremental growth in less than twelve months with Sohail sharing some great examples from his own journey along with tips and invaluable advice about what makes  joint ventures and strategic partnerships successful



  • Joint venture is a phenomenal concept where you don’t pay any money upfront, you only part with money when there are results
  • Joint ventures and strategic alignment partnerships bring collaboration and the opportunity to leverage other people’s audiences and communities
  • It’s the ability to make partnerships and strategic alliances and piggyback right into the flow of money
  • Wherever someone is making money there is the ability to make money if you are in the middle of the equation
  • Go into any equation asking how you can help that person first
  • Making connections and building trust in your relationships is what makes the difference
  • You need to build rapport with others
  • It’s all about innovation and leveraging the assets a company already has.
  • It’s the impact you leave on the world that is really important
  • Open your understanding to see the opportunities
  • If you don’t take action you will never get a response
  • Most people start with a product but the money is in the distribution
  • I’ve always been a connector of people and we have built an amazing community
  • Projects that give back, are impacted related and philanthropic can really make the difference



‘Money flows and you have to create a conduit between A and B and then put yourself in the middle so the money goes through you’

‘Get everything you can out of everything you’ve got’

‘Scaling up your life and your business go hand in hand’



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