Leadership, Wellbeing and Balance with Andrew Sillitoe

Andrew Sillitoe, business psychologist, performance coach, public speaker and author talks to Nick about his 4-Keys method and learning how to sustain performance for maximum success

With a background as a professional athlete, Andrew brings the winning psychology and mindset of athletes to the business arena with his 4-Keys method and explains how having a vision, game plan and legacy in key areas of your life can bring  the sustained balance you need to succeed


  • I discovered my mission when I talked about my own story and people leaned into it
  • The thing that made the biggest difference was changing my diet it brought more clarity and more energy
  • Everyone could benefit from an elimination diet
  • When you scale a business, you need to also be able to scale the leadership
  • You need to have not only a vision but also a purpose
  • You need to have intent about what you want to achieve
  • Having the passion, the heart and the drive are really powerful in getting where you
  • want to be
  • Business, body, relationships and mindset form the basis of the 4-Keys method
  • You need a form a vision, game plan and legacy for each area of the 4-Keys
  • There is an element of transformation and becoming the best version of yourself can change your life
  • It’s about taking action and forming new habits
  • Mindset is about understanding what you want to change and moving to a point where you take action and move forward
  • You need to do three things really well – be goal orientated, manage your emotions under pressure and develop self-awareness
  • In business having clarity in your vision, processes and who you are serving is key
  • Business is not a linear pathway; the trajectory can be straight but the journey can be messy
  • When you start expressing your genes in a way that is more in line with our ancestor’s change can come quickly


‘We have a mantra that is ‘slow down to speed up’

‘The 4-Keys method sent me in a different direction but I realised it was my true passion’

‘It’s about being proactive and present in your relationships’ 


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Andrew Sillitoe

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