Josh Linkner On Unlocking Creativity To Drive Explosive Growth

This week, Nick is joined by tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Josh Linkner, a man on a mission to drive creativity, innovation, and reinvention.

Josh discusses his belief that all human beings have incredible creative capacity, and talks about the ways in which you can unlock your own latent innovation genius in order to grow and scale your business.


  • A creative troublemaker is someone who is unwilling to accept the status quo in the world – someone who is always looking to break free of the norms and see what is possible beyond them.
  • Leadership used to be viewed as the conductor in an orchestra leading his musicians in the pursuit of perfection. But the world has changed. It’s a world where the chaotic can be embraced.
  • Creativity comes not just in traditional means, but in all aspects of business, from the way we hire, to the way we structure financially, from the way we approach deals to the culture we establish.
  • The inherent flaw in brainstorming is that our inhibitions sometimes shut us down. To fix this we need to practice “role storming”, the art of brainstorming in character – pretending to be someone else while coming up with ideas.


‘The confidence comes from knowing you’re going to screw things up multiple times, but you figure out how to course correct’

‘The fastest breakthroughs always happen when you’re working in a group of top performers’

‘We need to think of ourselves as jazz musicians where you’re trading the baton of leadership’

‘The company that projects as innovative gets all the things that in turn create real value’


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