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John Assaraf On Unlocking The Power Of Your Mind

John Assaraf is the founder and CEO of NeuroGym. He is also a philanthropist and brain researcher who is best recognised for his podcasts, lectures, and his New York Times best-selling book ‘Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power’.

John joins Nick this week to deliver an empowering masterclass on how you can unlock the power of your mind, and use the results to accelerate growth and realise your potential.


  • Our goals in life are always a matter of answering a single questions – whether we are simply interested in achieving them, or committed to achieving them.
  • When we are truly committed to achieving greatness, then we will upgrade our identity, our knowledge, our behaviour, in order to align with that destiny, and therefore achieve it.
  • Choice means not just showing up, but also saying yes to the opportunities that present themselves. Serendipity and happenstance only account for a small part of the journey to success.
  • We are not born with fears, associations or memories. Therefore, limiting beliefs are little more than reinforced neural patterns that went from conscious to sub-conscious.


‘If you take care of cause, then effect takes care of itself’

‘Our brain is actually a prediction machine that also deletes and distorts anything that doesn’t match with the current map of our reality’

‘If you are committed, then you will upgrade your identity to match this destiny’

‘I believe in the power of choice’


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