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Jason Harris On Marketing With Science And Soul

How important is branding to you? How much in the way of time and resources are you spending on making sure that your brand represents you and your company accurately, and in a powerful way?

In this episode, Nick is joined by Jason Harris, the co-founder & CEO of award-winning creative advertising agency Mekanism, co-founder of the Creative Alliance and author of national bestseller, The Soulful Art of Persuasion, to talk about the empowering ways in which you can harness the powers of science and soul in order to accelerate your marketing ambitions.


  • Brands allow us to be a part of a hero’s journey. When we see and respect sports personalities, associating ourselves with their brands allows us to feel like we are part of their story.
  • As business owners we must sometimes come to terms with the fact that the ideas we have aren’t always plausible. This can require input from an outside perspective.
  • Companies aren’t what you buy, and they’re not about what they sell. Companies today are more about the idea that the consumer buys into.
  • Around 82% of consumers don’t care if a brand disappears, as they can easily find others that fill their need. Around 53% of consumers will buy products from a brand that does something positive.


‘I wouldn’t just watch the ad and have it wash over me. I’d really dissect it’

‘When you’re not thinking about jobs, futures or careers, then what are those instant passion points you have?’

‘By standing for something you’re going to build long term love, equity and relevance’

‘Soul has never been more important’


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