How To Sell Without Actually Selling – with Roy Whitten and Scott Roy

Triple the insights this week, as Nick is joined by not one, but two guests, Roy Whitten and Scott Roy, co-founders of the Whitten & Roy Partnership, a sales consulting firm dedicated to transforming sales, management and leadership by prompting shifts in mindset, ability, and the power to change one’s own behaviour.

Scott And Roy join the show their new book, ‘Decision Intelligence Selling’, and its underlying formula of Results = Attitude + Competence + Execution.


  • The general consensus seems to be that selling involves the dark art of simply talking someone else into buying something. This tends to be because most people spend their lives in a fear state, and see anyone intrusive as a threat in some way.
  • Sales people seem to stop listening after they hear the first need of the client. It is imperative that we listen on to understand the subtext beneath, and to identify the real need.
  • The definition of influence is not you trying to convince someone that they should do something. It’s about convincing someone about what you believe in, and taking them along for the ride
  • The art of selling has nothing to do with spreadsheets. True selling is a conversation. It’s the process by which we create a narrative that people want to be a part of.
  • Our task as a sales manager is not to create the right selling environment for our sales people. It’s about turning those people into sellers who can travers any environment.


‘That’s a hundred million dollar idea if you can execute it’

‘The one question that fish never ask each other is “Where is the water?”‘

‘The key thing in transformative learning is that the good stuff is always simple’

‘Attitude actually has dimension. You can see it and you know what to do with it’


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