How To Scale Yourself So You Can Scale Everything Else! – With Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins is a multimillionaire serial entrepreneur with six businesses who went from homelessness and a chaotic past to a nine-figure business leader

He discusses how there are moments in life that you think are going to cause you pain but they are actually there to shape you and why when in the moment things can seem insurmountable they can be overcome if you understand how to move from being stuck to unstoppable.

Stephen also explains how if you are building any business you need to also be building yourself and be intentionally curious every day if you want to achieve impact and legacy


  • Going from stuck to unstoppable is about resilience
  • People get used to living their life and forget that they can create a new one
  • So much more is possible but you have to learn to look at things differently
  • You have to be willing to do today what others wont to have tomorrow what others don’t
  • You need to be intentional and always make others feel seen, heard, valued, and appreciated
  • Principles govern promises and when you understand this you can have an impact
  • Ask yourself – what’s right?, what’s confusing?, what’s missing and what’s wrong? In all areas of your life
  • What’s right – you amplify, the things that are missing you discover, find, and explore. The things that are confusing you clarify through outside advice and mentorship
  • The things that are wrong are very rarely wrong, they are more likely to be misdiagnosed
  • and from there you can shape the principles that move you from being stuck
  • When you are the real you, you expel from around you the people who are holding you back and attract those people who can help you move forward
  • You need to treat everyone around you as a customer and be intentional about finding out what they want and how you can help them
  • You need to be intentionally curious in your life and you only find purpose if you are working on it every day and being intentional
  • When you are building businesses you need to build yourself as well


‘It takes curiosity to create something’

‘My number one principle now  is impact over income’

‘My superpower is I can see potential in people that they can’t see in themselves


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