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How To Raise Venture Capital – with Brad Feld, Prolific Investor of Fitbit And Guitar Hero

This week, Nick is taking a deep dive into the world of venture capital with special guest, Brad Feld, one of the most prolific investors in the world, having marked himself out as an early stage investor since 1987 in such diverse businesses as Fitbit and Guitar Hero!

There are few people in the world as experienced in investing as Brad, and on this special episode of the show, he talks you through the ways in which you can raise the venture capital you need to energise your scale-up plans.


Brad’s investment strategy has always focused around two things: the people and the product. The product must be innovative and provide an affinity for investors, and the people behind it have to be put on this planet to work on this product.

  • Creating an entrepreneurial company is about creating a constant series of experiments, many of which fail. When they fail you learn from them. When they succeed, you experiment further.
  • Investors don’t need to strike the jackpot with their entire investment fund. Sometimes all it takes is a few companies that return meaningful economic returns, in order for the investment fund to be covered.
  • The parts are not the important thing in any start-up community. The interaction between the parts are the crucial element. The dynamics between the parts cause new things to happen.


‘I learned the difference between zero times your money and a hundred times your money’

‘If you don’t care about the product, as an investor you can’t stay in there and do the work’

’The way you learn how to fly is to throw yourself at the ground and miss’

‘What happens at every step along the way feeds into what happens next’


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