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How To Overcome Failures & Setbacks – With Warwick Fairfax

How do you go back from failure and build a life of purpose and significance?

Nick is in conversation with a man who has done just that, Warwick Fairfax Founder of Crucible Leadership grew up as the heir to a multi-generational media group but following his takeover, the company failed and as Warwick explains it was a crucible moment in his life because ultimately things don’t happen to you, they happen for you

In this compelling listen, he candidly discusses the lessons he learnt and  how he found his purpose along with success and significance because crucible moments in life are tough but they don’t have to be the end of your story



  • I didn’t grow up wondering what I was going to do in life it was always set for me
  • With hindsight as soon as I launched the takeover, it was doomed to fail
  • I didn’t listen to the good advice, people said it was a bad idea but because I didn’t want to hear it I didn’t listen and went to the people who told me what I wanted to hear
  • I felt as I was in a gilded cage and when it ended it was very painful. Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you
  • Wealth doesn’t make you happy, there is no number that will make you happy but if you use money to help others it changes everything
  • We are only fulfilled when we serve a bigger purpose, a higher cause or serve others
  • Significance can be defined as  a life of purpose dedicated to serving others, this is about a higher purpose
  • Most businesses that have long term success have an aspect of altruism
  • If you want to be successful long term you need to tie your vision to doing something that will make an impact in the world and links to your values  and beliefs
  • I’m a great believer that a life of significance will not only make you feel more fulfilled it will in the long term it will make you more successful
  • The crucible moment for me was losing a 150-year-old two-billion-dollar business and the process of coming back was drop of grace by drop of grace, brick by brick
  • Understand your  values and beliefs and find a calling that fits with that
  • In the business world, people don’t like talking about failure but its real and people connect with it
  • The smart entrepreneurs are the ones who learn from their mistakes and want to do it better next time



‘I went there and did exactly what you shouldn’t be doing’

‘Success and significance are not at odds with each other they can be in harmony’

‘Your life is not defined by your worst day or mistake’



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