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How To Leverage Social Media – with The Get Savvy Club

One of the main areas in Nick’s ‘Customer creation Playbook’ is the importance of leveraging social media, and how it can not only help you to develop your brand and message, but get it out there through the main social channels. It’s free marketing after all. But how can you make social media work to its full potential?

In this week’s show, Nick talks to Anita and Anna from The Get Savvy Club, specialists in social media, who discuss the ways in which you and your business should be thinking about social media, and provide an invaluable array of tips and guidelines to ensure that you hit the ground running.  


  • A brand is a promise of consistency. When planning your social media strategy, the most important thing is to be consistent and prolific.
  • Companies used to spend a fortune on reaching their audiences. Now they can spend a fraction of the amount, and reach their ideal demographics with just a few clicks.
  • The three main objections that Get Savvy come up against when it comes to businesses and social media strategies are:
    • They don’t know what to do
    • They don’t have the time to invest in finding out how to do it
    • People are scared of it – Being judged or getting it wrong
  • Flip your perception– People wrongly imagine that everything, to the smallest degree, needs to be shared on social media. But it’s all about refining that output. Hone your message and build your content around that.
  • A well-crafted headline is imperative, especially on channels such as LinkedIn. Make sure that people can tell what you do and who you are at a simple glance.
  • Pick one platform and create your content around it, then you can re-purpose your content for other platforms. Make sure you have brand consistency, and that your content can be easily recognised across platforms.
  • You don’t always need to be the expert. Make sure you’re contributing to a conversation, and people will notice you, and follow you. This is the Halo Effect.
  • Routines and habits are very important for your consistency. If you tie your social media activity to a daily activity, it’ll embed the routine into your day.
  • Warm up the algorithm – Remember that the platform wants you to be constantly interacting. You’ll be rewarded for a higher level of engagement. Post a few comments and likes, then post your own content. The platform will reward you for having been a regular user.
  • Like your own posts – People hardly ever notice who is specifically liking posts, and bumping up your numbers at the outset will help to warm up the algorithm.
  • Find the bravery to make your posts personal– Facebook Lives, voice recordings, and even selfies can add a new element of engagement to your content. People engage more with real people, so try to place yourself in the content when you can.
  • Scars not scabs –It’s fine to share an experience in the hopes of helping someone who may be going through the same thing. Social media should never be used for pity, or validation after a bad experience. A huge mistake is to try and sell something through pity.


‘You’ve got to create your message, and then get it out there’

‘A brand is a promise of consistency’

‘You’ll never see a McDonald’s advert that lists every ingredient on their menu’

‘Don’t wait to be the expert at something – just contribute’

‘Who doesn’t eat biscuits?’

’The Holy Grail of marketing is a testimonial’

‘Get yourself out there and get out of your own head’


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