How To Close Every Deal – with Spencer Lodge

Spencer Lodge, founder of the Blue Sky Thinking Group and host of ‘The Spencer Lodge’ podcast is known as one of the world’s most dynamic trainers and in this episode, he shares great content about the importance of getting a ‘no’ and the value of transparency and honesty in sales.

He reflects on his own journey and the events that have defined the direction he has taken and explains why ultimately it’s all about being brave, having belief in yourself and understanding that you need to be able to build rapport and find and solve other people’s problems if you want them to say yes to you.



  • You are never going to get a ‘yes’ until you understand the importance of getting the ‘no’
  • People can become so affected and intimidated by rejection; it can paralyse them because they fear what the outcome may be.
  • There are three ways to get prospects – cold call, network and referrals
  • When you are in the mode of taking on new clients and doing more business with existing clients your income can multiply very quickly
  • If people can give you one referral then they can give you three or four referrals if you bring value.
  • Everyone can give referrals because everyone is connected.
  • People need to tell you the problem and then you need to find the right solution
  • If you offer honesty and transparency  people are  kind if you give them the chance to be
  • Some people have an issue with the ask and this comes back to the fear of rejection
  • The rule of 21 – always have 21 prospects because 7 will say ‘yes, 7 will say ‘no’ and 7 will say ‘maybe’
  • The problem most companies have is that they believe their salespeople need to be better but 99% of the time it’s the owner and the management that are the issue.
  • In any business, the top 20% are hugely motivated and just need love and recognition
  • The bottom 20% are in the wrong job and should be got rid of and the middle 60% could be good if they are trained as a group and allowed to be successful
  • Every company needs a process and a system that everyone can learn
  • People are people but the way people consume information and create trust with someone else has changed.
  • There are now opportunities to create familiarity and trust with those people you may not have reached previously.



‘When you are in the mode of taking on new clients and doing more business with existing clients your income can multiply very quickly’

‘In sales, you just have to be brave enough to believe in what you are doing’

‘There are gazillions of people who have a problem you can solve and you need to make it your mission to find them’



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The Spencer Lodge Podcast




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