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Entrepreneur In Focus: With Amira Alvarez – The Unstoppable Woman

By setting her goals in stone, and by being consistent in her decision-making, Amira Alvarez turned tripled the income for her business, ’The Unstoppable Woman’, and by doing so created a high six-figure annual income for herself.

It’s a tale of persistence, dynamism, focus and determination that can’t fail to inspire those looking for a way to supercharge their own story. In this latest edition of Nick’s ground-breaking ‘Entrepreneur In Focus’ series, Amira discusses her path to success in the hopes that you’ll be inspired to do the same.


  • Amira’s initial goal was simply to make money doing something she loved. But as her journey progressed, her purpose took on extra focus, and became clearer and clearer.
  • Amira’s purpose is not set in stone. It is an ever-evolving element of her future. It is an iterative thing, and requires constant re-evaluation.
  • Fear defines so many of society’s outcomes and expectations. We constantly look for the worst case scenario in any decision and use that to steer us towards a positive outcome. 
  • What do you want? Where are you going? How do you get there? Which obstacle must you overcome along the way? We can’t achieve success in an instant, but we can often make the journey there a little speedier.
  • You mustn’t let yourself off the hook. Hold yourself to the highest standards, and look for ways to climb. That’s how you get to the next level.
  • “Magical thinking” doesn’t work. You can use your thought to visualise the thing you want, but you’ll never obtain it unless you do the work.
  • After coming to the realisation that she was working too hard and not seeing the returns she wanted, Amira decided to try a different strategy. She obtained significant help, invested in mentorship, and turned her journey completely around.
  • A stretch goal is a crazy goal that should be impossible. But by reaching for it, and by throwing everything she had at it, Amira aimed for a million-dollar turnover and achieved 700k.


’The way that you do one thing is the way you do everything’

‘It can be an extraordinarily, delightful, amazing life’

‘I wanted it all. I wanted to do what I wanted and make a living at it’

‘Our directive in life is to grow’

‘A goal is not something you strive towards, but something you come from’

‘It always starts with opinion you have of yourself’ 

‘Take your ego out of it. Getting help is so extraordinary’


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