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Entrepreneur In Focus – Sergio Tigera, Leadership Development Expert and Host of Gamechangers LIVE

This week, Nick’s ‘Entrepreneur In Focus’ is Sergio Tigera, the host of the incredible podcast, Gamechangers LIVE – and an executive coach and leadership development consultant, who joins Nick to discuss the importance of a good work/life balance, how to break through limiting beliefs, and how to look at results in a far more practical way.


The corporate life is certainly an attractive one and offers many benefits. This can be why so many get caught up in it, and find it difficult to strike out on their own.
There comes a point in many careers, where the job can be done almost blindfolded. When we reach this point, we need to decide if our time can be used in more precious ways.
We create true, positive, impactful change, by creating opportunities and change for others. The act of serving others is where true fulfilment lies.
Playing in your comfort zone is comfortable. Stepping outside is like putting tension on a rubber band. You can feel pressure. But you’ll never conquer your fear if you allow yourself to be subservient to it.


‘For 14 years I had the golden handcuffs on’

‘I knew that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose’

‘Impacting people’s lives – that’s where the passion is’

‘We can’t keep ourselves trapped by fear’


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