Entrepreneur In Focus: Patrick Bet-David … Master The Art of Business Strategy – From The creator of Valuetainment, the #1 YouTube Channel For Entrepreneurs

In this week’s Entrepreneur In Focus, Nick talks to Patrick Bet-David, the creator of Valuetainment, the world’s #1 YouTube channel for entrepreneurs!

Patrick’s entrepreneurial journey is an incredible story, which began at the age of ten years old when he arrived in America, and has seen him overcome challenges and barriers ever since.

Patrick talks candidly about his fascinating rise to the top, and the reason behind his true mission: to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs and business-people through disruptive thinking.


  • The best of the best are those who do not disregard criticism, but store it, and then go out of their way to prove that person wrong.
  • People have the right ideas in mind; it’s their sequencing that needs work. The best route is to always take care of yourself and your family first, and chase your dreams hard afterwards.
  • People who clearly define their standards, beliefs and values, are the people who tend to achieve more, and who end up helping others more.
  • There are businesses who will not survive the coronavirus economic catastrophe because of bad planning, or because they failed to pivot. There are also those who will not survive, because their business models are not valuable enough to attract the slim investment opportunities out there.
  • Leaders, more than ever, need to have competency and empathy more than any other skills. We need to be able to inspire and understand.


‘Competition can be scary, especially when you lose’

‘I’m not stopping until I’ve made millions and no-one can tell me what to do’

’Should I do what I love? Or should I do what makes me money?’

‘Every business moving forward has to make sure they are pandemic-proof’ 


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