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Entrepreneur in Focus – Kev Blackburn, Founder of Life Success Engineer

Learn how to start your online business at your home without costing you any money today in this episode of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast.

Today, Nick chats with Kev Blackburn about his entrepreneurial journey. He was able to escape the rat race and started creating ways to attain financial freedom. Kev shares the tools he used in starting his online business, Amazon FBA & online arbitrage. Identifying what sells and what doesn’t sell became easier because of these. If you want to create a passive income, then make sure to tune in as he gives the step by step process on how to start.


  • Transitioning from a full-time electrical engineer to a full-time entrepreneur was not a difficult decision for Kevin. He didn’t feel like spending the rest of his life in the rat race, so he took a chance and started experimenting in online marketplaces.
  • When he discovered Amazon FBA, scaling up his business became very smooth. It was a massive help in managing his operations, from picking to shipping to providing customer service.
  • He also took advantage of online arbitrage, a concept of buying an item at a lower price and then selling at a higher price in another marketplace.
  • Steps to consider if you want to start creating a business on online marketplaces like Amazon:
    • Create an Amazon Seller Central account and do some studying on why are you going to purchase.
      • Understand how it works. Analyse the products before you are buying them and strategically design how you will sell them.
    • Ace the sale. Make sure that the price you’re selling the item will match the Amazon Buy Box.
    • Create operations procedures for you and your team.
  • Kevin has been enjoying the freedom he’s having ever since he started his online business. Because of his reliable team, he can spend quality time with his wife and kids without having any worries on how his business is going.
  • He also wants other people to experience the life he’s living, so he started mentoring teaching other people about his expertise in online arbitrage.


  • “I was all in. I knew that I had to keep developing myself and surrounding myself with people.”
  • “That’s the process of learning. As you go along, and as you start this journey, you study, start taking action of what you’re learning, and you get some feedback.”
  • “I never had the intention of quitting a job for another job, that’s why I hired assistants.”



Kevin Blackburn is an online entrepreneur, automation specialist, success coach, philanthropist, and founder of Life Success Engineer. Through Life Success Engineer, he shares his journey and helps other people achieve their goals.


My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor.

My background is in growing and scaling VC, and Private Equity backed businesses.

Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day.

My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.