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Entrepreneur In Focus: Gaurav Sinha: Best-Selling Author Of Compassion Inc. – Unleashing The Power of Empathy in Life & Business

The fabulous ‘Entrepreneur In Focus’ series continues as I meet with Gaurav Sinha, author of ‘Compassion Inc – Unleashing The Power Of Empathy In Life And Business’.

Gaurav has become one of the world’s most respected entrepreneurs and anthropologists, working at the intersection of strategy and storytelling in order to help brands resonate and develop with distinction.

In this week’s show, Gaurav discusses his incredible journey, the importance of self-belief, and the philosophies that can help you achieve your scale-up goals… in business and in life!


  • Always look for a great boss; never look for a great job. A true leader can help you to realise the shape of your journey at the outset.
  • At the outset of any entrepreneurial journey, revenue is king. Hustle all you can to put food on the table and aim for the small wins that elevate you each time.
  • You always need people in order to climb higher. The key to keeping those people is to create a culture of collaboration in a transactional world.
  • Altruism in brands has become far too scarce. It’s not about profit, it’s about prosperity. It’s not about shareholder value, but working with holders of shared values.
  • A great business requires three things: the idea, the operations, and the money. Simplicity is the key to long-term success and most importantly, happiness.


’The word “more” has been hijacked’

’Stars don’t work for idiots. They work for other stars’

‘Insatiable curiosity is part of my DNA’

‘Momentum is more important than direction’


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Gaurav Sinha – http://gaurav-sinha.com

Compassion Inc – Unleashing The Power Of Empathy In Life And Business

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