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Empowering Leadership Through Inspiring Education – With Awfa Mustafa

Awfa Mustafa, Founder and CEO of Najahi Events, who bring the world’s best motivational speakers to the UAE shares  the incredible story of her escape from Iraq and how her experiences have shaped the person she is today, dedicated to the provision of accessible education across the world

This is a truly inspirational episode as Awfa shares with Nick why you have to be grateful every day, be brave in your decisions and have faith and show up every time you are needed because ultimately it’s about fixing things



  • I spend money on experiences whether its learning experiences or travel experiences with my family
  • I believe the memories you make and what you learn from travel and exposure to educators is worthwhile
  • Every day was a scary day because you didn’t know what was going to happen
  • When it’s human to human regardless of your background or your job you will help someone in need
  • In 2004 Dubai were offering visas and I was finally able to move my Mum and Dad to safety
  • Every person in Bagdad of my generation has a story
  • We grew up in a world where politics played a big role in our lives – you could live today and die tomorrow
  • It was hard to be positive for a very long time, living the fear every day
  • I used to mentor myself – saying nothing could last forever and that I could do this
  • I believe in a greater good and purpose and that sometimes things happen for a reason
  • You move to being in a reactive mode, just wanting to fix things
  • Have a plan and if something goes wrong fix it. A decision is better than no decision
  • You have to be brave; no one is going to make the decisions for you and the hardest decisions are those that define your destiny
  • You have to have faith and show up every time you are needed
  • Don’t judge or blame just show up and fix it



‘We reached a point where if you went out you said goodbye to everyone because you didn’t know if you’d be coming back’

‘The hardest decisions are those that make you who you are’

‘If people can binge-watch they can binge learn’



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