Earned, Owned and Paid

This week, Nick talks about a strategy known as “The Digital Marketing Trifecta”, made up of three elements – earned, owned and paid – and how it can provide you with not just the tools for growth, but also with the most comprehensive marketing strategy out there.


  • Earned is the stage whereby you are putting content out into the world, and building your brand. You are driving people towards you and your business through the content that you are creating.
  • Owned represents your “list” – the literal names of those who have connected with your content and have given over their details to you in exchange for a deeper level of connection.
  • Paid is the act of receiving payment for your work. This can come from display advertising, re-targeting, paying influencers, paid content promotion, and also from affiliates.


‘If you’re going to grow and scale a business strategically, you can’t do it on poor foundations’

‘You’ve never had a better time in history to be able to go out there and share your message’

‘It’s about having a strategy around each of them, if you’re going to leverage the most comprehensive digital marketing strategy possible’


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

His background is growing and scaling Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses, across the UK, the US, and further afield.

Over the last decade, he has completed 117 acquisitions and 25 business exits with a combined valuation of over $5bn dollars.

His “Scale Up Your Business” podcast, which ranked #1 on iTunes’ business charts, has more than 350k downloads in over 130 countries.

His mission is to help business founders build valuable businesses and create life-changing exits so they can realise freedom, wealth, and impact.


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