Dr Alok Trivedi On Rewiring Your Brain To Get Results

Dr Alok Trivedi, aka Dr Rewire, is the founder of on of 2021 Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies, Aligned Performance Institute, and the author of Amazon Prime best-seliing book,, “Chasing Success: Lessons In Aligned Performance”.

Dr Trivedi joins Nick this week, to discuss 92 actionable, scientifically-proven, and most importantly practical ways in which you can rewire your brain into working more efficiently, improving the quality of your life, your business and your relationships.


  • Personal issues, despite our best efforts, can negatively impact our business performance. Not just do they encroach on our decision-making abilities when we need them, they also affect our literal physicality.
  • Life is a mirror when it comes to emotional response. In business, when it comes to teams, they will feel a mirror of the way that you feel, and vice versa.
  • Often, those in positions of success and power are under far more pressure than those whose businesses may be failing. It is success that grows pressure and chaos in life. The great ones are those who recognise this and handle it.
  • If you do not find the root cause of trauma and deal with it there, then you are doomed to repeat the fallout again and again in life.


‘The physicality comes through from the emotional experience’

‘I knew that the mind-body connection was real’

‘I’m not into conflict resolution, I’m into conflict evolution’

‘It’s the success that breeds the chaos, not the failure’ 


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