Do No-Money-Down Deals Really Exist?

Many assume that in order to acquire profitable concerns, that a strategy known as “No Money Down” can be used. But as Nick explains in this episode, there’s a difference between “No Money Down” and “Other People’s Money”


  • No-Money-Down is a term that originated mainly in the property space, denoting a scenario in which investors were able to begin their journey without the need for money of their own.
  • Other People’s Money is different from No-Money Down, as it explicitly means that other people’s investment capital is being leveraged.
  • When people invest their lives into a business, then they have done so with the intention of gaining some kind of reward in the long run.
  • If you are fixating on a No Money Down deal, then you must be prepared for potential letdowns. Remember that it’s better to spend a little and get something that works, than take s chance on something that might be fundamentally broken.


‘It’s dangerous to buy into the marketing without doing your due diligence’

‘I prefer to use the term “Other People’s Money”‘

‘Leverage is such an important term’


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