Decision Fatigue

We can definitely become tired from having to make too many decisions. In fact, the more choices we have to make can negatively affect our energy reserves. In this episode, Nick talks you through the concept itself, and offers actionable ways in which you can prevent it from impacting you.


  • Decision fatigue is compounded by the fact that we often have too many things going on. If we have too much choice, it can leave us paralysed and then impact our ability to make decisions.
  • Our brains only have a limited store of energy. When we make decisions, this energy depletes, thereby negatively impacting our ability to effectively operate.
  • Plan daily decisions the night before. This means that when you wake up refresh in the morning, half of your brain’s work is done ahead of time.
  • Stop making decisions, and think in terms of commitments. Rather than hoping you’ll make the right choice each day, simply commit to the larger aims.


‘It can impact our ability to make high quality decisions’

‘Your willpower is like a muscle’

‘There are more and more things thrown at us all the time. We have to shut them out in order to make space to make decisions’

‘I want you to simplify all the things you’re look at so that you can make higher quality decisions’


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