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Dean Karnazes On Dedicating Your Life To Achieving The Impossible

Named by TIME magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World,” Dean Karnazes has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits. Among his many accomplishments, he has run 50 marathons, in all 50 US states, in 50 consecutive days. He’s run across Death Valley in the middle of summer, and he’s run a marathon to the South Pole.

Dean joins Nick to talk about his incredible running career, the ways in which he has conditioned his mind and body to adapt to the toughest challenges, and how by dedicating yourself to a pursuit completely, you too can achieve the impossible.


  • As we grow older, we start to develop different rhythms when it comes to energy levels. This can largely be due to our intake, and require constant adjustment.
  • These days, many treat running as some kind of objective-based activity in which a certain metric has to be attained. But running, or any physical activity, should also be fun. Remember to use activity as an enjoyable form of play.
  • Our bodies are machines. If we view ourselves as limitless in potential, and work to achieve greatness, then the way we feed ourselves and treat ourselves, as animals, can shape the potential we achieve.
  • When you have harmonious inner personal relationships with those around us, your performance is better. Everything is better. If you have discord, it disrupts your performance.


‘People quantify every run. For me, the only purpose for a lot of my runs is just to run’

‘I view myself through the lens of trying to be the best animal that I can be’

‘I like to say that if I can’t pick it from a tree, dig it from the earth, or catch it with my hands, then I don’t eat it’

‘Look to optimise your relationships. Discord can affect your performance’


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