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Clint Emerson On The Art Of Self-Reliance

Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL, survival skills expert, and the New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Rugged Life – The Modern Guide To Self-Reliance’.

Clint joins Nick to talk about why relying on ourselves is one of the most important traits we should foster in life, the ways in which we can build confidence and coping mechanisms, and how being prepared may hold the key to our existence in the world of today.


  • Current world events have gone to prove that we can never take life for granted. Events can take a drastic turn in the space of a day, so it pays us to be prepared.
  • The key to making sure we aren’t taken out by unforeseen circumstances is in ensuring that our key enablers are kept safe and guarded.
  • Complacency has become far too commonplace, and this is largely due to the rise in use of technology, that makes life comfortable, but also dulls our senses.
  • We may feel that time and money spent on being prepared is wasted, but the costs of repair far outweigh the small investments made in preparedness.


‘Preparedness is the primary focus of everything I do’

‘You don’t know what tomorrow will bring’

‘Imagine if the sky filled up with red parachutes? What would YOU do?’

‘Complacency kills’


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