Chris Duffin On Building Resilience And Inner Strength

Chris Duffin is the founder of Kabuki Strength, and an inventor dubbed “The Mad Scientist Of Health”. He’s also a thought leader and entrepreneur in the health and fitness space.

Chris joins Nick for the final show of 2021, to talk about how you can face life’s challenges using strength, both physical and mental, and prepare yourself for the new year ahead.


  • We are built to adapt to our environments. If we place ourselves among challenging circumstances, then we can either overcome and thrive, or be defeated.
  • When we focus on our value system and concentrate on just the things that are most important to us, then it forces us to drop extraneous distractions and get rid of the baggage that holds us back.
  • If we put ourselves out into the world, and keep our honesty about who we are, then we are far more likely to attract the things that we’re truly in search of.
  • Far too many people accept mediocrity and remain in their comfort zone. But life is not about relaxing and accepting that. It’s about listening to the voice of our hearts and following the direction in which it takes us.


‘You can be a stronger and better version of yourself’

‘You need to truly refine your value system and what’s important to you in your life’

‘Life is about working out how to pare things down’

‘I ask people if they want to be part of changing the world’


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