Chat With Titans – JT Foxx

JT Foxx, Number 1 Business and Wealth Coach, talks to Nick about why persistence, a work ethic and the right attitude are key if you want to grow your wealth and shares some great content on his business experiences and how they have shaped him in this fascinating insight.

He also explains why now is the time to be prepared and how the speed of implementation will be what determines your success in today’s global economy but only if you can also say you are the most persistent person you know.


  • If you have the persistence,  the work ethic, the attitude and want to make it happen you can.
  • There is a difference between acquiring a distressed company for a big discount with a lot of problems and buying a company for what it’s worth and adding value
  • It should always be more money for less work
  • Understanding and being informed about trends is important to help know what you should  get involved in
  • Anything that is getting rich quick doesn’t work it’s about playing the long game
  • When you get to eight figures you either triple down and go all-in with your empire and get to a billion or you hedge and diversify and get to nine figures
  • Consumer behaviour has changed to grow strategically you need to work out what the end goal is and work back from there.
  • You have to be good at testing and be prepared to adapt. People look at marketing in terms of how much it has cost not how much it can make them
  • You need to understand advertising online and operating virtually
  • It’s about the speed of implementation – from the moment of the idea through to the moment you implement this is what will determine how successful you are


‘I made my first million at 24 years and my second at 25 and a lot of zeros in my thirties’

‘I wouldn’t do anything differently if I was a billionaire’

‘What goes up must come down’


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I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day.

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