Businesses That Thrive During Recessions

Recession is on every business owner’s mind right now, and fortifying yourself against the expected downturn in the economies is a wise step. With this in mind, Nic takes this opportunity to talk about the types of businesses that thrive during these periods, and the elements you can adapt to your own business in order to make sure that your organisation thrives also.


  • We must always use a positive outlook for our business, as this encourages growth. But we must also focus upon contingencies. We need to fortify.
  • The best practice is always to ensure that we have at least six months’ worth of operating costs in reserve for our business.
  • We cannot affect the larger economic picture, which is largely influenced by the media and the public’s reaction to circumstances. All we can control is our own business response.
  • Industries that did well in the Great Recession of 2008 include discount retailers, healthcare, food and restaurants, freight and logistics, and the do-it-yourself markets.


‘You should expect the best. You should have positive intent. But you have to plan for contingencies’

‘We need a profit-first mentality’

‘Things that are accessible but which give pleasure or mute pain tend to do quite well’


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