Building a Fast-Growth Online Business with Kevin Urrutia

Nick talks with Kevin Urrutia, successful entrepreneur, author and expert in growing and scaling online businesses.

They discuss why the combination of marketing combined with technology and data is hugely effective in growing and scaling a business and how artificial technology and automation can help to achieve the best results.

With a background in Silicon Valley Kevin shares great content about how marketing and technology are the ultimate combination for any business that wants to create a targeted approach that is highly effective


  • Resilience is an important element for any entrepreneur
  • Marketing combined with software to generate leads is incredibly effective
  • Your data is there and a huge amount of data out there is being used, the question is who owns the data?
  • There is a difference between organic and paid marketing
  • Paid marketing is becoming much more sophisticated with geo-targeting
  • Founder focus always needs to shift from organic to paid  marketing because that’s the only way to grow
  • With paid marketing, you can target the people you can serve and not waste money on those who aren’t potential customers for you
  • The tools on social media platforms can really help you to have the data you need
  • Automation and artificial intelligence  can help but it needs to be in combination with a human
  • To begin automating in a business look at the core tasks you and your staff do every day and then break it down and use Zapier, which is a recipe book for the automation of tasks
  • It’s about taking the core tasks and looking for an automated process that can fulfil these tasks
  • Every business needs a CRM so that you can track your customers and how they come to you
  • There is now a creative focus on marketing and you need to build the creative process from  inside your business to support your brand


‘There are a lot of people out there following concept marketing and personal branding but the real differentiator going forward is paid as it becomes more sophisticated’

‘Having data means you have an insight into your business’

‘Automation should be there to help you with the user experience’


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