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Are You Giving Up?

With the beginning of the year, we generally tend to make promises to ourselves. But as time passes on, sometimes we lose our grip on these assurances, and veer towards giving up. In this episode, Nick talks about the different strategies he has used in his own journey, that have helped him to break the cycle of giving up.


  • We set out to achieve things, and if we go through life making promises but failing to execute them, it can have a huge impact on who we are.
  • Science states that failure doesn’t come from making the wrong choice in your goals. It comes from failure in the path of executing those goals.
  • Mindset, and mental toughness, are what separate the great entrepreneurs of the world from the average ones. They are the ones who embrace resilience and grit.
  • Limiting your priorities is essential. Between 3 to 5 is a good number. Then make sure you execute those priorities first before you do anything else.


‘It’s a really important cycle to break’

‘What happens if this is the year that you absolutely stick to everything you said you’d do?’

‘It’s not about changing your goals. It’s about changing the way you go after them’

‘I’m very focussed on the things that are going to move business forward and my life forward’


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

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