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Amberly Lago On Grit, Grace And Perseverance

Amberly Lago is a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She is the best-selling author of “True Grit and Grace” and empowers people around the world by sharing the story of how she turned a tragedy into triumph. She is a former professional dancer and athlete bringing a new perspective on what it takes to persevere.

Amberly joins Nick to discuss her incredible story, and talks candidly about the ways in which you can enrich your life and accelerate your growth through sheer force of will.


  • Pain is life’s biggest teacher. We learn more about ourselves when we are knocked down than we do from riding high on success.
  • We all have the ability to grow, heal and come back stronger. What holds us back is our ability and willingness to tap into it.
  • We can find great sources of healing by not just committing our thoughts to words, but by then taking those words and sharing them with others.
  • By empowering the voices of others, we change the world in powerful ways. We must seek to give volume to those with life-changing stories.


‘I want to live a life of joy, set an example of resilience, and keep moving forward’

‘Gratitude really, truly saved me’

‘It’s important to share from a scar and not an open wound’

‘Through this journey pain has been my biggest teacher’ 


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