A Fireside Chat – Change and transformation with Lee Houghton

Nick talks with Lee Houghton, change and transformation coach and host of the ‘Business Problems Solved’ podcast.

They discuss their journeys and following a pivotal event in Lee’s life the three key life lessons that he applies in all areas of life on both a macro and a micro-level.

People are key to everything and as we all move towards a different landscape for working leading change and transformation in a way that enables people to be themselves and communicate freely in a positive environment is a model for change that encompasses Lee’s key life lessons. 


  • Sometimes things happen in life that you don’t want, you can’t change what happens but you can change your response
  • I’ve had the most random journey to get to where I am, but every experience has been a learning opportunity.
  • Always be yourself whatever happens – your values are the foundation of who you are.
  • Make good friends because you never know when you might need them  – it’s vital to make connections in every area of your life.
  • Times limited, act now – if you really want to do something you’ll start straight away
  • I learnt that when I’m at my darkest I begin to write and am most creative.
  • I’m frustrated that I had to lose Chris to understand these three vital lessons.
  • Any event can be deemed neutral it’s the response that is either positive or negative
  • I have a burning desire to share Chris’s three lessons with as many people as I can.
  • It’s about enabling everyone to be themselves, to be able to speak freely in a positive environment and get where they want to go.
  • There is a lot of assessment required in business as people will not go back to work in the same way.
  • The idea that people can be effective working from home is forcing a systemic change.
  • As a leader, you should have the emotional intelligence to understand everyone is different and will experience change in different ways and times.
  • The most important characteristics for any leader are confidence and empathy.


‘The podcast has been a way for me to share my learning’

‘Everyone has to go through an individual journey, I went on a journey of discovery’

‘The pandemic has forced a lot of improvement on business’


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