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15 Minutes To Action – Way Of The Warrior Kid

In this week’s festive edition of ’15 Minutes To Action’, Nick switches things up by focussing more on the family side of life, and discussing a book that’s had a particularly positive effect upon his own home life in 2020, and which contains an insightful array of lessons that we can all take to heart.


  • Way Of The Warrior kid is a novel designed to teach young readers to be the best version of themselves that they can be, from an early age.
  • You can do anything in life if you do the work. We often label ourselves as failures, when all we really need to do is apply ourselves and gain confidence in our abilities.
  • Controlling your fears is an incredible skill to develop. We can never truly master our fears and shouldn’t as they keep us hungry, but controlling them is essential for meaningful growth.
  • Instilling standards in ourselves is the way to imprint levels of growth each day until it becomes second nature. Anything on top of this in terms of development is a bonus.


‘To be disciplined, to work hard, to face fears, to be strong and smart and healthy’

‘Raising kids is more challenging than growing and scaling a business’

‘The warrior kid wakes up early in the morning. The warrior kid studies to gain knowledge’

‘When he stands up to bullies…’ 


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My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor. My background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses.

Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day.

My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.


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