15 Minutes To Action – Turning Fear Into Power

Most of us never get to do the things we truly want to do in life because fear holds us back. This is especially damaging in business, where the results of this fear can be seen in many ways. But how can we turn powerful fear into power itself?

In this week’s 15 Minutes To Action episode, Nick talks you through the ways in which you can transform fear into a force for positivity.


  • Fear is our brain’s way of trying to keep us safe. It’s a perfectly natural physiological response, and in many ways can be helpful in terms of survival. But we must always recognise the places in which we must seek mastery of it.
  • We can only ever influence the present and the future. Do not be influenced by events of the past, and concentrate on the things we can control.
  • Seek to surround yourself with positive influence. Fear and negativity are everywhere in our society, and by osmosis, our association with it can grow our fears.
  • We can use meta-conditioning to help us through hesitation. Count backwards from 5, and then just do whatever it is that has caused you to hesitate.



‘Repetition is the route to mastery’

‘Gratitude is the antidote to fear’

’The moment that you feel you are hesitating, it’s because fear has popped its head up’

‘Fear does actually serve you, It’s when it becomes overwhelming that it doesn’t’


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My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor. My background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses.

Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events.

I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day.

My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good.


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