Case Studies

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“This has released a lot of my time which has allowed me to work on myself and my business. Now I can focus on expanding what I’m doing.” 

— Nicole Brule-Walker

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“Wsaw a 50% increase in sales and I personally became a bit more confident as a leader. I found it very inspiring and really enjoyable.”

— Dave Jeal

Our Client GMFJ

Before working with Scale Up Your Business, Get My First Job had established a good premise and early market traction. To scale at a quicker rate they sought higher and greater predictability of sales revenues to plan effectively for growth and secure the investments needed to take the business to the next level. The leadership team approached us with the hope to provide stability through a revised commercial structure.
Scale Up Your Business helped them strategically understand the targeted market segments to develop a clearer proposition. They produced a strategy focused on solving the specific problems of the high margin areas and avatars identified, operating within a more specific niche within which they were able to demonstrate expertise. Working with the GMFJ, detailed personas were created, meaning marketing and messaging was focused to a specific niche. A proven process was implemented for improving reach and driving engagement, including single message focused campaigns and marketing automation. Time was dedicated to getting everyone clear on the company values, separating out roles with clearer ownership and accountabilities, and mapping out the customer journey to be more intuitive and provide greater value to identify areas for improvement.
As a consequence of working with the Scale Up Your Business team, considerable advances to procedure and strategy resulted in increased stability and growth, and GMFJ’s investors were happy with MRR increases and the greater accuracy in forecasting. The structure put in place empowered staff to take on key growth areas, resulting in less pressure on the leadership team as commercial function performance increased. Greater confidence in the team to deliver also meant far less involvement was required from the founder in transactional activities, allowing them time to spend more time working ‘on’ the business, instead of ‘in’ the business. The team became more engaged and collectively aligned to the company values, and gained a shared sense of purpose.
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“The mentorship is truly impressive . . . We can clearly see our end goals beyond revenue, beyond financials and have a clear insight into what investors will look at.”

— Firdaus Mogul

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“They definitely exceeded my expectations . . . I gained the confidence to buy businesses and Nick and Rob had the expertise to help with any issues I had.  

— Chris Morledge

Our Client CABI

A traditional publishing business model needed to diversify revenues in order to compete in international markets as customer demand shifted to digital learning products. 
The leadership team needed support to expand the digital learning strategy which included putting together a 3 year forecast, and establishing the resources and structure to deliver a go-to-market strategy with direct and channel sales.

SUYB team delivered a three phase programme:

  1. • Market research and interviews with key stakeholders to size the market and define a winning commercial strategy
  2. • Establishing contracts with key channel partners to support digital learning product sales, and establish a structure of key personnel and partnerships to develop and sell market leading digital products. Set-up and delivery of a Project Management Office to deliver the change.
  3. • Expansion of international strategy with specialist resources to add pace to sales revenue growth in line with the market opportunity.
CABI saw significant growth in annual revenues, both from the existing and new digital learning products. This included a curriculum of e-learning for individuals in agriculture sector and an established strategy for multiple markets. Partnerships were secured with international investment and development partners. A defined product development roadmap and detailed marketing and sales plan were implemented, along with a simplified, coordinated process to ensure greater efficiency and predictability in delivery.

What's Our Process?

Our conversation begins with a discovery session to determine if achieving a breakthrough is the right move for you at this time. We understand that this level of commitment to success isn’t for everyone, so there’s never any pressure to take advantage of our powerful programmes.

If we agree that working with Scale Up Your Business is the right choice, we’ll begin onboarding into phase one of your expedition to the top. This phase will give you the clarity, strategic direction, support, and detailed roadmap to the success that’s been out of reach for too long.

We will be working with you closely throughout the entire process, ensuring that you are able to fully implement the specific strategies and initiatives revealed during your onboarding.

At the conclusion of phase one, you will have the focus, direction, and momentum to intentionally and consistently grow your company’s value….

Giving you the leverage and power you need to generate rapid, impressive growth!